Tuesday, May 12, 2009

If the first time I posted about this wasn't enough....

to convince you to take your little girl...Then maybe these will help.
While we were in Dallas for Josh's pawpaw's funeral, we made a quick trip back to the American Girl store with our cousin Shelby. I couldn't help but want to go back after our last experience. and I am afraid Elisabeth is going to not want to play with dolls anymore really soon. She turns eight this summer.
So....here are the girls walking up to the store together. In true Shelby fasion, she was a little unsure about this new adventure.
Elisabeth began showing her what was inside this store....
...Here we go!

"Look Shelby....dresses just for Ellie!"

The trip wouldn't have been complete with out a trip to the bueaty shop. Kit got her hair done with a ribbon.

Ellie got a spa treatment (ie a good old wipe down) and a ribbon in her hair.

Here are the girls at the table waiting for their food.

Ellie in her high chair ready to eat. Kit in her high chair ready to eat.

The food there is delicious!
These happy faces are enjoying ice cream sundays. Oh yeah!

Shelby had to stop and change Ellie's diaper with her new diaper changing stuff.

Elisabeth got a bag for Kit to go in and Kit got a bag just like it for mini Kit to go in. Yeah a little much. This store knows just how to appeal to these little girls.

We all had a great time. If you were thinking about going anytime, I would highly recommend it! I think ages three in up would have a blast!
P.S. I did like it better when we went during the week because it was less crowded.


Corrie said...

That's hilarious and oh so cute.

You're right -- that will be sad when Sophie doesn't want to play with dolls anymore. I hadn't thought about that. :-(

Caldwell Clan said...

well, no comment on the american girl store... I really don't see myself visiting anytime soon. :) but I did want to tell you about a website I think you will love. It is Iheartfaces.com check it out. They have an amature photo contest every week with a theme to follow.

Tricia said...

So cute...and it still makes me want to have a girl!
Glad you are doing well. I have been in painting world forever...trying to get back to normal!

Jill said...

ok, you've convinced me...we're taking scarlett for her fifth birthday in august. :)

Jon Blackwell said...

Hi Sheridan! this is Heather Blackwell from Amarillo! I stop your blog every once in a while after I've visited Lisa's. Your kids are so cute!