Tuesday, July 28, 2009


...the latest additions to our family.
Meet "Jet" Setter.
He is the sweetest thing and just beautiful!
Beck has been begging for a dog and well his birthday is Thursday so....he got a dog.
He named it "Jet" and I named it's middle name.
This is "Lola". I haven't come up with her middle name yet.
Let me know if you have any good ideas.
She is sooooo sweet and easy going. She will lay on her back and let you rub her tummy and
she follows me everywhere.
This is what Elisabeth got for her birthday.

...look at that sweet face.

I feel like I have a new born again. Puppies are deffinately a lot of work. However, the kids have been great about helping.


Tricia said...

They are precious and what great pictures!!! They will be so cute in your puppy album that I am sure you have already started! Have fun being a new mommy again!

da momma said...

oh so beautiful!!!! we love yellow/white labs! Keep those pics coming!

Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

You never do things the easy way... not just one puppy but two... wow you are a cool mom... they look so sweet... can't wait until Pierce gets big enough and we get home... we are getting one of those for sure...

Angie Campbell said...

Congratulations on your newest additions, but two puppies at one time?????? God Bless you and your big heart! We have two dogs, but they are 2 years a part in age. Good luck with the whining nights again!

The Stringers said...

Our Lola was "Lola Pearl" - we liked it, makes it even more Southern. Very cute puppies!1