Thursday, July 9, 2009

Quick Update

Ok I know...I have been a terrible blogger. We have been super busy. So here is a quick update of the few things that I did manage to take pictures of. However, I missed a lot.

We have been swimming! A lot! The one thing about the pool is that the camera can get wet so I often don't take it to the pool. However, we go to the Aransas Pass Aquatic Center probably once a week. Stephen came to visit and took the kids to Brianne's parents house to swim. He always plays with the kids and they love it. Talk about a work out.

We played in the rain in our jammies the ONE time it rained this year.

We rode the ferry boat over to Port Aransas for the 4th of July. While we were there we did some shopping, geocacheing, bungy jumping (on a trampoline), ate yummy food, watched fireworks and played everysport imaginable with the kids.

Here's Gates about to jump. He loved it!

Umm do you think he is happy?

He could do full front flips on that thing. I was very impressed because front flips are so much more difficult than back flips.

That was a little high!

The lady had to help him with his back flip.

We've been wearing lots of flip flops. Check out these dirty feet after a day in Port A.

Hogan wasn't so sure about how high he was going.

But he did like it! and did a few back flips all by himself.

Yippee! Oh man! His feet are so dirty!

Hogan was not happy about waiting for his turn. Can you tell that Gates had already had his turn?

The baby went last. He felt so BIG!

I love seeing the pure joy is these kids faces. Oh what fun!

He was so high but didn't even care.

Elisabeth did get to jump but she went first and I missed it. She however, did not like it!


J Katy Garner said...

Looks like you guys are having a great summer! They go by so fast don't they?! Love the jumping pics :) I think my girls would be all over that!
Hope we can see you guys soon, or at least before school starts up again.

Tricia said...

I also love the jumping pictures. And how cool that you played in the rain with your pjs are such a great mom! We don't really know each other, but I feel like I learn from you all the time.

Angie Campbell said...

Adorable pictures! Seriously, you should be taking professional photographs!

Jill said...

what a fun summer you guys are having! we are swimming a lot too. there just isn't much else you can do when it's THIS hot!!