Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Four Wheelers on the Farm

Two days in a row.....I am blogging. Maybe I can make this a habbit again. I really do love to blog. It is therapuetic for me. However, my crazy life takes over and well....there is no time.
My brother and his wife had their first baby on Sunday and my sister and I drove up to Houston to see her. She is precious! I need to get the pictures from Shannon because I forgot my camera. But I promise to post some pictures soon. That's if I continue this new habbit of mine. Anyway, while I was in Houston, Josh took our four children, their four four wheelers and our two 6 month old labs to a friends farm to play. Isn't he a great dad. They had loads of fun and were covered in mud when they got home. Our friends have 5 children. They are all much older than ours but precious. They are so good with our kids!

So here are a few pictures of from the day. Yes, Josh remembered to take the camera that I forgot. He had all the kids and the dogs and he remembers.....I have nobody and I forgot. Somethings wrong with that picture.

Above is sweet Abby with Elisabeth on her pink camo four wheeler.

This is Conner and Beck on his blue four wheeler. Conner is a big dude. He looks like donkey kong driving the car on Mario Kart on this thing. The kids said he popped it up on two wheels and flipped it backwards causing him to fall in horse poop. They think that story is hillarious.
This is Shelby and Gates on his red four wheeler. Shelby is so fun. She likes to get the boys to be her boyfriend. Little do they know she is a beautiful model.
While they were there, they got to ride horses. Here's Abby taking Hogan and Beck for a ride. Looks like they had a good day. I wish I could have been there.
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Amy said...

YAY! YOu're back! Please stay! I have missed seeing pictures of those sweet, beautiful kiddo's!


Christian said...

... wheelerskids.blogspot.com