Saturday, January 2, 2010


Yesterday, Josh kept the boys while Elisabeth and I ventured out for some girl time. I had a few errands to run and we needed to pick out some stuff for her new room. After all the errands were run she wanted to go to half price books and pick out a new chapter book. On a side note, that girl can read. Every time I buy her some new books, she has them read within a few days. We are constantly buying new books.

So after picking out what we wanted, I got in line to check out. While in line, I spotted this stack of little books up on the counter. The art was old and the title read: The History of Farting. I couldn't help but be curious. Elisabeth was distracted with some note cards so I quickly picked one up and hid it in my stack of stuff while no one was looking. I surely wouldn't want anyone to see me buy such a foul book. Soon it was my turn to check out. I hand the worker my stack of books. I'm feeling a bit nervous like a kid who's doing something he shouldn't. My parents NEVER let us say that word and my upbringing was still getting the best of me. As the checker got to the "book" he says: "OH this is one of our best sellers!" I'm thinking yeah yeah just hurry up and pick up and get the next book and put it on top. Instead, he faces it out towards me and holds it to his chest so that all can see. He begins saying "I love the way the art on the front is. It is so old fashioned....blah, blah, blah" By that time, Elisabeth had noticed that he was talking about one of our books. She quickly came over. She read the title and began to laugh. I was totally busted and embarrassed. I had already seen a friend from church there and I did not want him to see my new book. I quickly finished my transaction and headed out the door. I don't think I will be visiting that store for a while.

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Shannon said...

I wanna read it!:0)