Sunday, January 3, 2010

Four Wheelin

Yesterday, Josh and I took the kids to blast off a model rocket and then to ride their four wheelers. They were so excited. They had not been able to ride them since last weekend when I was in Houston. Here are all the four wheelers lined up on the trailer behind my car. (By the way, did I mention that my husband bought me a new car in October? Well he did. I had been driving the big black F250 long bed and was so ready. He surprised me up at school with it. Isn't he great?)

I loved this sweet picture of Gates. What cracks me up is Hogan in the background wearing his helmet in the car all the way out to my grandparents farm.

The boys eventually fell asleep with their helmets on. Poor things were so excited.

We had so much fun. The kids drove around like crazy people. Sometimes have to not watch because it makes me so nervous. Beck is the only one that really still needs help and someone to ride with him. He is really still too little and will run into everything because he forgets to brake. Ha!
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Lisa Hanna said...

Love the 4-wheelers!