Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Devil Sauce"

Josh hAtEs ketchup! He calls it the devil sauce. The reason he calls it that is because the smell, the sight and the feel of it make him want to say bad words. He hates that the kids want to put it on their food. He really hates it when the want to put it on their eggs. Ketchup on eggs is quite disgusting to me, too but it does not make me want to say bad words. Bad drivers on the other hand, that is a whole nother story. Or the neighbor dog that keeps coming in our yard and pooping, oooh I have to bite my tongue but ketchup not so much. I have digressed so onward and upward. Now, one of kids agrees with Josh's hate for the sauce. He crys if any even gets on his plate. For this reason, I call him Josh's kid. (That and he is rotten and does bad stuff all the time and Josh allows it. Oh wait so do I. We have got to buckle down on the kid) Anyway, so instead of ketchup he always wants ranch. He puts ranch on anything other kids would normally put ketchup on. That means eggs if I let him, hot dogs (disgusting), hamburgers, french fries.....well you get the picture. I go through ranch like water at our house. I tell you all this background only to tell you about a funny story that happened today.

Today, we went through the drive through at Wendy's and I got the kids each a five piece crispy nugget. You can't beat it for 99 cents. After I ordered, Beck kept saying: "I want yellow ranch I want yellow ranch." I think he meant honey mustard dipping sauce. :)


Corrie said...

Scott loves ketchup. I mean LOVES the stuff. Me, not so crazy about the ketchup. I found a shirt that says "I put ketchup on my ketchup". I've been telling him I'll order it for him but I keep forgetting. Better go do that now.

Cute story about the yellow ranch. :-)

Tricia said...

Hey there! My life is kinda getting back to normal, at least for a little while. Just wanted to say hi and I love all the pictures!

Jill said...

that's cute. scarlett doesn't like any sauce. she tries them every now and then but always goes back to wanting things plain...crazy girl.
i like ketchup on my eggs, too, but haven't done it in forever!

elambeachbums said...

devil sauce is horrible!! i can't stand the smell any of the time but especially when it's on the kids clothes. yuck!!!!