Saturday, January 31, 2009

Update to cupcake post.

For those of you who asked how I transported them....

I got a large shirt box left over from Christmas and I put the bottom in the lid for double the strength. Then I lined up all the pots inside. I guess because the pots are hard and were lined up side by side touching they didn't move around at all. I was very careful and layed them on the flat floor of my car. The school is just one turn off my street and one turn into the parking lot. So no bumps really. The book suggests using tissue paper however I did not.

Happy cupcake making!!!

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Jaime said...

Thanks for the tip. I guess the distance does need to be taken into account. :-) I hope I can bake as good as you someday. So far I have had bad luck with cakes and cupcakes, but I am not giving up yet.