Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More Randomness

The other day I went into Elisabeth's room after I had dropped her off at school. It mad me laugh and sad all in the same moment. I love that she loves to still play with dolls. She is such a great little mommy already. It made me miss her and wish she could stay home. The doll on the far right is baby "Emily" she was my baby doll when I was a little girl. I took that thing with me everywhere. Here is Beck playing in the back yard with Chiquita. That poor dog. She is really sweet and lets the kids do what ever with her.

Elisabeth and Hogan on the trampoline. They really do love each other.
We went out to Bruce and Holley's on Sunday for Holley's birthday party. The kids spent the whole time on the trampoline. At one point, Roger put a huge cup of ice on the trampoline. The kids that it was great.

On the way over to their house Andy stopped and got some oysters right out of the bay. Talk about fresh! YUCK! Even the kids were eating them. BARF!!

Beck loves dogs!!! Here he is giving Buddy a BIG KISS.


Amy said...

I'm with ya! Barrrfff!! Cute pics though!!

Leslie said...

Oh what sweet little tidbits of those cute kids of yours! They grow up way to fast! Cooper will be 4 months old next week, sniffle, sniffle! And those oysters...DOUBLE BARF!

Jill said...

i'm actually allergic to oysters, so i will literally barf if i were to eat one.
the kids are just precious. i miss scarlett when she's at school, too, and it's only two days a week!!