Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Baby

Yesterday, Beck got in "BIG" trouble (that doesn't say much because he is Rotten with a capital R). I made him sit on the brown door mat that leads out our back door. When I went to let him out, he looked like this.Sweet little angel with his hands under his cheek.
I forget that he can't make through the day like the other kids.
As big as he looks. He is just three and just a baby. A sweet little baby in a BIG GIANT body.
For those of you who haven't seen him in person, he is as big as Gates our five year old.

We went back to the beach this weekend. There is always so much fun to be had. We stayed until way too late and then realized that Josh had left the keys turned in the truck and the battery was dead. The beach quickly became not so fun. It took two cars to jump my big 'ole truck. But we did get it started and home we went.

Beck spent a lot of his time fishing. He still hasn't caught a fish but oh how he tries. Here is a picture of him and mom.

Such precious memories.


da momma said...

GREAT pics momma! blow the sleeping one up and frame it above his bed! mmmm sweet boy!

Perks said...

SO true...he is just 3. He is still so little. He's just precious.

Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

I hope that someday I can meet him.... he seems so sweet... I could just him up over the internet... I love the pics as usual.