Friday, June 5, 2009

...more beach fun

...because that is ALL we ever do around here! LOL
We have been having a little too much fun at the beach lately.
Holley took these pictures last weekend....and I just had to share.
Cartwheels over the dunes....Life is good!
We stayed at the beach until 9:00pm. The kids were having way too much fun dune jumping in the dark. Check out that magnificent evening sky. God amazes me every day.
Henley and Lolly are the best of friends.

I love how Lolly looks like she's flying through the air with such ease.

If I did this, I would be so sore the next day!

...and since I never make the 'ole blog. Here you go.
I don't really like pictures of myself so don't expect anymore for a while. :)


Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

We never get to see you and when we do you are in a bathing suit... and you look good... you go girl.. the beach is so great and I always love the pics.

ntaylor said...

Looks like so much fun! We are planning a trip in September, I will send you the dates and maybe we can get together.

da momma said...

i wanna go to that exact spot! You have to tell me where! SO MUCH FUN!

Corrie said...
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Corrie said...

You look GREAT! Are you sure you've had 4 kids??!!

The Robinsons said...

Love the cartwheel reminds me of the "Wild Rumpus" picture in "Where the Wild Things Are".

And ditto the do look amazing!

Jill said...

every time i see your pictures i am jealous!!! :) either you are eating delicious food or having a great time at the beach...just seems like the perfect summer life!