Thursday, June 4, 2009

I just can't get enough...I just can't get enough

Stephen and Brianne came down for a visit and while they were here we went to the BEACH. (AGAIN) It seems like we just can't get enough of that place lately. When the kids were really little I hated that place but lately I L*O*V*E it. Stephen brought sweet Alice. She is such a sweet dog. My children LOVE her.

While we were there, we ate and drank all the nastey stuff we usually don't get to.
We found cool sea creatures.
Like this live sand dollar.

The kids played HARD!

Elisabeth got to play with her sweet cousin Henley! Beck let this little hermit crab crawl on his hand.

Mommy let these two hermit crabs crawl on her hand.

Hogan built sand castles and such.

...and we're going back SATURDAY. There's too much fun to be had. We gotta soak it all in!


da momma said...

Stephen adn his girl are so cute! Love that! Your pics are always so clear and kids are adorable! I WANNA go to the beach!!!! Where is it that yall go? WIth that cool sandy cliff etc...

Lisa said...

Love it! The live sand dollar is really cool. I know what you mean about hating it when the kids are little. I'm so looking forward to being outside and at the pool all summer now that Rachel is older and potty trained. Makes a world of difference!