Thursday, March 20, 2008

Another Funny Story

My sister-n-law is a dental hygenist and was talking to a patient. They had started off with small talk about her kids etc. Holley talking about her four kids made the lady think of someone she know with four kids. She proceeds to start telling Holley about this lady at her boyfriends church who has four kids with the strangest names. She says "the oldest is Elisabeth and she spells it with an s, the second one is Hogan..." Holley has to stop her before she can finish to say those are her niece and nephews. The lady was really embarrassed. She tried to make up for it by saying but the mom sings really well. Funny. I had to laugh. I love unique name and named my kids with on purpose and if I ever get to have any more I will do it again.


Haley said...

I love your kids names.
P.S. The girl on the cover of this months Parenting Magazine reminds me of Elisabeth when she was younger.

Haley said...

by Parenting I meant Parents