Friday, March 28, 2008

There's Something Wrong with These Pictures

Back of Shirt
Front of Shirt

This brings me great JOY!!!!

Hogan decided that he wanted to play T-ball this year instead of soccer. Which really was fine until his coach told us his team name. His coach graduated from Texas Tech so our team name was going to be the red raiders. All I could think of was how am going to put a red shirt with the double T, on the front of it, on my sweet little boy. It was really bothering me. I even asked Josh if we could switch teams. So anyway, the coach asked the parents if any of us had a family business or knew of someone who wanted to sponsor the team. One of the dads spoke up and said that he would sponsor the team etc. He took the shirts home to get the sponsor name on the backs and brought them to practice a week later. Much to my surprise the shirts took and interesting turn for the better. I nearly wet my pants when I saw it. The dad who took the shirts home was an Aggie too. He, like me, was having heart burn over the fact that his son was going to be wearing a red double T shirt. So he did the next best thing he could think of. He paid the big bucks to sponsor the team. Then he took all the shirts and had "Gig 'em Aggies" put on the back. I love it. It made it all better for me. So in the future, when any of you get put on a T-ball team and you get a terrible, horrible name. You, too can sponsor the team and have the greatest slogan in the world put on the back. It is worth any amount of money!


Robinson Family said...

Found your blog through the Perks. LOVE the t-ball shirt (and the ingenious dad who thought of it!)

Haley said...

When I read your story my heart started to break a little. Hogie in a Tech shirt? But then I got to the part about the coolest dad/aggie on the face of the earth. That guy is my hero.