Thursday, March 27, 2008

Who is the Wisest of Them all?

This morning as a fixed Elisabeth's hair we had the following conversation:

E: "How do they make glass?"
Me: "They melt sand and while it is really hot they poor it out into glass."
E: "Is that how they make plastic?"
Me: "No, I don't think so."
E: "How do they make plastic?"
Me: "I'm not really sure."
E: "Paw paw will know."
Me: "Why do you think Pawpaw will know?"
E: "He's just kind of like that. I don't know he's just my grandpaw."

It made me laugh. Elisabeth truely believes the notion that if they're older they're wiser.


Perkins said...
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Perkins said...

Hey girl-
I just discovered your blog! You are so funny. I loved reading your older posts. The one about the names really cracked me up. So did the ones about eating in the kitchen and the writing on the walls. :) So funny!

I, too, get strange looks from people when they see all of my kids and notice I'm pregnant too. They say things like, "You must be really busy." Um...yes.

Look forward to more cute pictures and funny stories!
love you guys!