Sunday, August 24, 2008

Just a Few More...

Just a few more pictures of our trip. Lisa Hanna shared these with me but I liked them so I'll share them with you.

Elisabeth ready to go on the jet ski.
All the kids would fight over who got to sit on the jet ski. They loved it. That poor jet ski probably got the most use it has ever had in one weekend.
Uncle Chris and Elisabeth. Chris was in the delivery room when Elisabeth was born. Don't worry there was a curtain drawn so he couldn't see anything. However there were about ten other people in there who weren't behind the curtain. That is another story. Elisabeth was the first born of all our close college friends so she thinks she belongs to everyone and will freely climb up in any of their laps and snuggle down like she would when she was a baby.
Mommy taking the boys for a ride.
OK I'm done with the pictures from our trip. Tomorrow the kids will start school so I'm sure I'll have a bunch from that. Have a blessed Sunday night.

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