Sunday, September 21, 2008

Game Day

Saturday was the start of our soccer season. We woke up early and got all four children dressed and fed. Made the trip to the soccer field in time to be there a little bit early since Josh is the coach. All the little team mates made it there. Oh...but wait...where's the other team. They were a no show. Josh called the other coach as soon as we got back home and the other coach said he let the league coordinator know that he would be unable to make the game but the league coordinator failed to let us know. So...the rest of us missed out on a good saturday morning sleep in. We did...however, get to scrimmage each other. The girls did awesome playing each other. It was good practice for the girls and lots of fun. JUMP!
Elisabeth is the smallest girl on the team but she tries really hard.
She gets in there and gets the ball.
FaNcY FeeT!
Here is her sweet little team. Some of these girls have been able to play together for a couple of years now. It has been so fun to see how they have improved.
This sun is too bright!
Daddy I'm tired!
Wish'en he was playing, too.
Josh lets Hogan practice with the girls. It is good practice for him and the girls.
...and these two...well lets just say...Boys will be boys. They are two peas in a pod. The best of friends. I love it!


Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

HOw much fun... I have such great memories of my soccer days and still know some of the people I played with... I am so happy to see that you children are getting to make similar memories and I can not wait until Pierce gets to be that age.

Jill said...

i think i would have been bummed that i missed out on a chance to sleep a little longer, but it looks so worth it seeing those cutie pie kids having fun!

Tomilyn said...

I love watching kids play sports at that age. It stinks that you didn't get to sleep in though. Kaden will start hockey next year, so I guess we will get our first taste of team sports then!