Monday, September 8, 2008

Miracles for Fun

This weekend we went to Houston for a golf tournament to raise money for Brad and Jenny Wims. We had lots of fun visiting with friends and the tournament raised 44 thousand dollars for the Wims family. While this seems like a lot of money it is really only a dent in the medical bills this family faces to cure Brad's cancer. He has elected to do some alternative treatments in Germany. Insurance does not cover this treatment and so the medical bills are outrageous. Please join us in continuing to pray for this sweet family.
Here's David ready to tee off.
Bryan was tired of me taking pictures.
This is Brad front and center and these two guys are famous football guys that I can't remember their names. Quinton Coriatt maybe? Please pardon my ignorance. Brad was super excited to have these guys there.
Johnathan Anderson just teed off.
Saw this cute little turtle near one of the water hazards and I had to snap his picture.
Stephen, Brad and Josh
Lisa and Alison. Don't they both look so good in blue.
Bryan and Brad
The guys checking out all the auction items.
Here's their team. Bryan Hanna, Josh Leftwich, Stephen Grove and David Anderson
I have tons of pictures but I thought ya'll were getting tired of them so I did not post. If you would like me to email any pictures of this event, comment and leave your email and I will send you the other 164 pictures I took. :)


Stephen said...

choose some good ones and send them on over. you have become quite the photographer.

Jill said...

those are great pictures for what sounds like a great cause. i've been thinking of you a lot this week because of "Ike". hope you all stay safe!

Angie Campbell said...

Please send them along! These are great!!! I posted all of mine on facebook.

kj7 said...

Sheridan...if you get time, I'd like to see them.

Jenny Wims said...

I would love more to add to my slideshow! Thanks!