Monday, September 1, 2008

Good Times

We went to the lake this weekend for our long weekend.
Josh let Hogan bring his BB gun that he got for Christmas.
Up until now he had only shot it in our back yard a couple of times.
Josh set up some cans and bottles as targets and the shooting began. This is how you aim.
Hogan trying out his aiming skills.
By the end of the weekend, Hogan was shooting the cans over and over again.
I was highly impressed.

Josh told the kids that they couldn't shoot it if they couldn't cock it.
As hard as it was, Elisabeth would get it cocked.
Hogan would get tired and have to use his foot.
He shot that thing over and over again.
He was determined to be good at it.

Gates and Beck still needed Daddy to help.

Glad to be home.

Not Ready for school.

Is it too late to take the kids out of school and home school them.

Can't wait to see friends next weekend.


Tricia said...

So glad you had a fun weekend. I am glad to see that my husband is not the only one that is going to teach our kids to shoot at a young age. My sweet husband missed opening day of dove season for me yesterday! He is so good to me!

J Katy Garner said...

I totally remember Josh playing with a gun when he was little, and me to!!! Josh was a much better aim!