Tuesday, November 11, 2008

One of those weeks!

It seems like the last couple of weeks have been so crazy for us. Nothing exciting just really really crazy. Since a couple of you have contacted me asking if I was a ok, I thought I'd give you a quick update. We are doing good just busy. We are ready for a break. The kiddies play their last soccer game of the season this weekend. It will be sad to stop but good to have things calm down. Four practices a week take up lots of time. The kids school had their annual golf tournament fund raiser and I worked the registration. It was lots of fun and pretty successful. Josh's dad came in town for it. It was good to see him and visit. The kiddies just don't seem him enough. He sponsored a team in the golf tournament and they each won a $50 dollar gift card to the pro-shop. Way to go guys!

Gates, Beck and I had the following conversation in the car today:

Gates: mom, right there is only one God and one Jesus
me: yes there is only one God and one Jesus
Beck: no there not. there two Jesus
me: No Beck just one
Beck: There are five Jesus
me: No Beck, there is just one Jesus and one God
Beck: yes....see...Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

I think that kid is going to bring me much grief. He is a stinker. Very cute, though.

Then later today he told me: "Mommy, can I do something for you? I want to make you happy." So sweet. No wonder he is so rotten.

Elisabeth lost a tooth at church on Sunday. The tooth fairy must have been really busy this week because she didn't come pick up the tooth until today when Elisabeth was at school. (Bad mommy! very bad mommy! She's the first kid you would think I'd still have my game on. Not so much.)

Last and certainly not least. The kids have been doing Awana the last couple of months on Wednesday nights. In case anyone is interested, I highly recommend it. Our church does not have wednesday night service. We still enjoyed the idea of meeting midweek so we meet with our small group. It was hard to keep the kiddies occupied while we were meeting so we looked into something for them to do. Awana has been great. They do lots of fun things and lots of scripture memory, too. Elisabeth thinks it's great and is highly motivated to finish her book. She seriously learns seven or eight versus a week on her own just to get jewels for her badge. It's good stuff.

I hope to be back with a little more exciting stuff. Sorry for the long catch up post. Have a blessed week!


The Robinsons said...

Glad you're hanging in. Thanks for the update.

I'd always wondered about Awana. Good to know I have an experienced mom to ask about it now!

And as for not having your game on...I'd look as it as you're only just getting warmed up.

Tarah said...

Sounds like a super busy week. I was wondering where you were...no posts!
Awana is a great tool to help our kids hide God's word in their heart. We use it as our Bible curriculum for school. Chance and I have been leaders for a few years now, well Chance is the T&T boys director. I am so glad the kids are enjoying it!!

Jenny Wims said...

Glad you are back...we've missed reading about your sweet family!

Jill said...

i had wondered if you were ok...you are always so on top of blogging. glad to hear things are busy and good :)

Amy said...

So glad to see a new post! I laughed at your tooth fairy issue because when Koop lost a tooth this year the little fairy forgot not once, but TWICE to come for it!! Poor little guy!! I felt terrible!!:) We can't be good at everything you know!;)

Happy Thursday!