Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Slaughter!


The pictures on the rest of this post are of dead animals from a BIG hunting trip.

Josh went with 9 guys out to the "land cut" to go hunting. They had a blast and lucky for me, brought home lots of meat. The guys shot 7 deer and 1 nilgai. They were so happy. It is funny how guys get so excited about killing things. It must be in their nature. My boys wanted nothing more than to watch the guys clean all these deer.
I like getting the meat but there is something un-natural about killing animals to me. I could not do it. I am glad my husband does because I do like to cook it.
I had to take some pictures because I thought it was histerical how they had all the deer just piled up in the boat. The hooves were hanging out the back and the top.

These are couple of the huge buck.

Pile them high!

Nilgai hanging out the back. This thing was huge!

The guys walking around checking out their slaughter.

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Jason and I had the "killing a deer" discussion this weekend. He told Kate he was going to make her go hunting with him and kill a deer and she said,"No way, I will NOT kill a deer. You can kill as many deer as you want, but NOT ME!!" I just looked at him and said, "ditto!" He looked at us like we had shattered all his hopes and dreams for Kate's life!!LOL!

What is it with men and dead animals?? So funny!!