Wednesday, February 25, 2009

American Girl

Who knew it would take me four days to catch up from a five day trip......

I am somewhat caught up and am so excited about the post. This was by far one of the highlights of being a mother to me. I could not help but be brought to tears during this experience. I don't know what it was but it was truely a wonderful experience. I highly recommend all the mommies with daughters to go.

Josh was asked to step in and coach the highschool girls basketball team at the kids school. It was loads of fun for him and to top it off the girls were able to go to the state basketball tournament in Waxahachie. The whole family went to cheer him and his girls on. While we were there I got to take Elisabeth to the American Girl store. Oh my......

seriously....I cried. After being there only 10 minutes she exclaimed that it was the BEST day of her life.

Here she is approaching the store. As soon as she saw it she froze and looked all the way up to the top. (It is tall) I knew then that it was going to be F*U*N!
When we walked in the front door there was a clear glass cabinet with Kit neatly tucked inside. The ladies at the front of the store greeted us and made Elisabeth and her dolls feel very welcomed.
"Look here'e Kit!"
Elisabeth wanted Kit to have her ears pierced. Here she is before.

Ruthie had her hair fixed at the beauty salon.

They had little beauty chairs and capes for the dolls. Too cute!

..."Kits back and her ears are peirced!"

Elisabeth with all her goodies and her dolls. With only one daughter, you can only imagine just how rotten this girl will be.

When we were finished down stairs, we went up stairs to the bistro for lunch. It is all about the girls and their dolls. They give the dolls their own high chairs and their own menus. ADORABLE!!!
Check out Kit's new glasses! They match Elisabeth's exactly.
"Kit what would you like for lunch?"

Here's Ruthie with her hair all fixed eating her lunch.

Ruthie thought the food was delicious!

Check out how cute this miniature hamburger and hotdog are. But not as cute as the GIRLY! .....and fruit on a stick.....cut in the shapes of hearts and stars no less.
Everything was super cute!

Silly girl just loving life.

Here we are all in the bistro finishing up our lunch. I love mommy daughter time!!!

Don't get me wrong little boys are very special but there is nothing like time alone with your GIRL.

Before we could leave, Elisabeth had to put on the shirt we bought and Kit had to put on the shirt we bought for her. TADA!!!

These two are something else.


The Robinsons said...

Wow! That looks like SO much fun! I hope we can get a chance to visit some day! Thanks so much for sharing. I had no idea there was so much to do at the American Girl store!

Jaime said...

Oh, just precious. I am jealous right now that I don't have a little girl, but so happy you two got some great time together!!

Haley said...

So much fun! I can't wait for all this girl stuff.

da momma said...

im laughing and crying at the same time! So sweet It will be a fun day to mock with Aydia someday. But hilarious storytelling blogpost! What a fun one to get to write about! Yall are too cute!!

Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

So sweet and I love that store too... Sara May is a big fan and I got her some Singapore clothes last time I came into town... so cute... and btw I love your camera it takes the best pics what kind do you have I remember you saying you got a new one... thanks

Amy said...

How fun!! Kate has been dying to go to the one in Dallas. Maybe that needs to be on our summer list!! I think Kenna Mae is definately at a great age now, too!! She is all about the babies!!
So fun!

Jill said...

oh how precious. i am looking forward to scarlett being just a bit older so that we can make those memories together!

Angie Campbell said...

I love this post! I am hoping for a little girl to be able to do this type of stuff with, but I get to live through my sister sometimes. She has three girls and they LOVE the American Girl store. It is like dream land to them! I love how girly everything is there!

Linda said...

How absolutely beautiful Sheridan! Makes me so excited for things to come with my sweet Cadi girl. :o) What a beautiful fun time!!!

Tricia said...

So I am crying at this post. I don't know if I am just really emotional right now or I just really hope to have a girl one day to do these kinds of things. So glad you got to have such a special day!