Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Land

We live on 6 acres and there is tons to do as long as you don't get to hot. The kids end up in their bathing suits most of the time. Here they are on the trampoline they got from grandma and grandpa for Christmas.

Do you see those dirty little piggies! on the farm.
I had to include this picture. Our house came with this awesome super old horse cart. It has such history behind it. You can see the layers of paint and the fabulous craftmanship from back in the day. It is such a cool piece of history! Back behind this picture you can see our barn. It too, is original to the house. Built in the 30's. It has such character. If only the walls could talk.
Here's Elisabeth taking Beck on an adventure through the land. One of our fields was covered in these purple flowers this spring. They were so beautiful. I counldn't believe my eyes. I love that the kids can go explore and see up close God's fabulous creations. It gets really dirty here, but I like it.
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