Thursday, June 24, 2010

More Updating

I'm on a roll. ok I wrote all these posts at the same time and now I'm just posting them one a day. What can I say...... It's the best I can do. :)
This is a terrible picture but the only one I have of our family on Easter. But here you go, the most current picture of what our little family looks like.
My new favorite love is Matilda Jane clothing. Their clothes are so cute and so comfy. Here are all four kiddos sporting their MJ duds.
Hogan played baseball this spring. Beck loved being the bat boy. He also loved chewing piece after piece of bubble gum. $1 would get him 10 pieces and they would all be gone by the time the game was over.
Here's Hogan at bat. His team was the Bruins and they did a fabulous job. They lost in the championship game giving them 2nd place status and a trophy. Baseball kept us super busy. Practice twice a week and games twice a week. Mix that with all the other kids activities and Josh and I running in a relay marathon. It was a crazy spring!
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