Thursday, May 1, 2008

tReAsURe hUntER

As most of you know I am an extreme shopper. I can shop for anything and everything. I love to find unique things that no body else will have.....that make people stop and look....that start conversations....tReAsURes... I feel like I am always on the hunt. That is why I love etsy shops. If you haven't tried it, it is a great little website for selling hand made things. And I got some cute little treasures in the mail today for Lolly's room. You can find other items from this artist here. I have found some of one else will have 'em........TREASURES lately. Some of my favorites are and Hope you find something special.


Robinson Family said...

Those really are treasures! I love the little bird!

I love etsy too (and have been toying with the notion of starting a store of my own...someday)--so many talented people out there!

Thanks for sharing your favorites. I loved them both...especially Elephannie's wall decals!

The Venables said...

So SUPER cute!! Thanks so much for sharing....I had no idea this stuff was out there! I can't wait to order some stuff for Mabry's room and a tutu for sure! (Hope you don't mind if I blame you when Andy asks about all the spending!:)