Friday, May 30, 2008

Lolly Cam

These are a few pictures I found on Elisabeth's new camera. and let me just say a few; a small percentage; Minuit; She takes sooooo many pictures. I love seeing her pictures because it gives me a glimpse of how she views things. Here's Harley at the house ready to go swimming. Elisabeth had her climb up on the slide to pose. She did a good job. The boys train from the train table.
She had to get a picture of herself in there.
Her, Hogan and the babies. Those babies have had a rough life.
Last night we went to a Christian open mic night. The kids had a blast. Elisabeth had her hands in the air. She clapped and sang along. She knew all the songs because I am a christian music junkie and play mostly that in the car. The lady singing must have saw her singing so much and she had her sing some into the microphone. Elisabeth sang right along but was really embarrassed after. This is her and one of our friends. She took this picture herself too.


Shannon said...

Those are so much fun. I want to get Allen one real bad now. I'm not sure if he'd have as much fun as Lolly, though. She seems to get into it. I love it. What a great medium for her to be creative--inexpensive learning, easy to delete and great cause and effect.

Darrell and Angie Campbell said...

Born to be a photographer! I am so impressed!