Thursday, June 5, 2008

What's in a Name?

So from the beginning Josh and I have used pet names on our kids. Not really sure why. They were really used as terms of endearment not anything bad. As if they didn't already have unique names to begin with but we continually confuse people. So in order to tell this story I must brief you on some of them.

Elisabeth Anne we call Lolly, angel from heaven, sissy, sissy booboo, and nunkin (Josh uses this one more than I do especially when she was a baby).
Hogan James we call Hagan daz (like the ice cream), hagan hogan, hogie bear, and a few I'll refrain from mentioning as we have realized they aren't good.
Gates Reno we call Reno, Reno Nevada, junior, Joe, FedEx and there are probably a few others.
Beck Garmin we call Garmmie, Big head (Josh says that not me. and I know it is bad really bad), and Beckomous.

And with these names we some times include them with their full name or use more than one together etc. Sounds crazy but the kids always know who we are talking to or about. For instance sometimes when I get on to Gates I'll say "Gatesy Reno Nevada Joe you better not talk ugly to your brother again."

So the other day Gates was getting frustrated with Beck. Beck is bad about knocking down the bigger boys castles they build with the blocks. So Gates is building and Beck came and knocked it down and Gates says "Becky Reno Nevada don't do that!!!" I cracked up.


Amy said...

I LOVE IT!! So cute!

The Stringers said...

That's too funny - we are the same way. Friggs, Friggles, Sir Frigglesworth, Butterbean, bean, Scooter, Scooterbean - the list goes on...