Thursday, June 19, 2008

CrAzy HaIR DaY!!!

Today was cRaZY hAiR DaY at cheerleading camp for Elisabeth. She requested pink hair with little ponnies. So she got it!
Hogan liked the crazy hair and requested a mohawk like his cousin Allen. So he got it!
His even has a pink stripe thanks to sister. Beck and Gates got pink stripes too but did not want their picture taken. Grumps! It is officially summer around here. We have put on our bathing suits everyday for two weeks. FUN.
PS Elisabeth lost another tooth. She pulled it herself. That make six teeth gone. We will definately need braces! :(


Perks said...

Elis looks so cute! I like the pink hair. You should let her do it more often!

J Katy Garner said...

Love the hair Lolly and Hogan!!! If I show Shelby this she would for sure want to mimic her cousin : ) Hopefully see you guys in about a week!