Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer Fun and McDonalds

While her husband was at camp with Allen, my sister and I had lots of fun last week. One afternoon she came over at let Marymae swim with the kids. They also played in sidewalk chalk and managed to get it all over themselves. We went to McDonald's and let the kids play. There's a new one in Corpus and it has the worst service we have ever had and it's already filthy. I am a little germophobic! or a lot! The kids like it though and so I have to ignore all the terrible thoughts that cross my mind. I am so thankful that we have summer to spend with the kids and not worry about staying up too late or getting homework done. Just having lots of fun.

Doesn't Benjamin have such a cute smile?


Eckmama said...

Hi Sheridan--I'm hoping you'll remember me! This is Cara Eckman, we knew each other from New Braunfels church. My sister Kristen is married to Josh's cousin Jeremy Babcock. Ring a bell? : ) I found your blog through Lisa Hanna's, and wanted to say hello! I've enjoyed seeing your kiddos--they're beautiful and much too big. I hate how fast they've all grown up (mine too). We've got 4 now also, my baby girl just turned 1 this month. We've been thinking about driving down to Corpus for a day at the beach this summer (or maybe several times, depending on how the first one goes)since it's just a couple of hours away, so I'm really glad I found your blog to ask if there is a certain beach you would recommend that's really good for little midgets. It looks like your summer is going really well so far! I hope it continues that way. my email is caraintexas at earthlink dot net.
Great to have found you again!

Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

So much fun... I can not wait until Pierce can enjoy playgrounds like that...