Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Water, water everywhere your gonna get wet!

Doesn't this place look fun?!?! We had the best time today at the Aquatic Center. This is just one of the three pools they have. My sister, Shannon, and her kids met us there and so did some of our friends from church. All the kids had tons of fun and wore themselves completely out. They all have slightly pink cheecks that will be totally tan by tomorrow because they all got Josh's super awesome skin. This is the second pool of three. It has three large water sldes and a volleyball net.
Gates and Marymae had a great time one the baby slide.
The older kids love to entertain baby benjamin. Beck popped up from underneath the water just as I snapped this picture.
Here is Elisabeth doing a one legged cannon ball. She was so brave and jumped off the super high dive several times. I was so proud because I think that thing is scary myself.


Jenny said...

I always LOVE your pictures! So great! So, when can we come play? Fun!

Perks said...

Is that where we went? It looks familiar. Did we drive to Corpus? I thought we were in Rockport. I clearly don't know my gulf coast region.

C and IKP have Mike's skin. Big time bummer. I'm a nervous wreck when we're out in the sun.

However, Phoebe has my skin. I little sunscreen and she's good to go. We don't quite have Josh's skin color but we do tan.

ntaylor said...

Looks like the kids had a ton of fun! Miss you guys!

SheridanLeftwich said...

Yes, Denise that is where we went. It is actually in Aransas Pass. About 30 min from Corpus but we go often.