Tuesday, December 30, 2008

December at the beach!

Josh has this week off and our friend Stephen is in town. We wanted to take the kids to do some fun stuff. So we decided to take the kids to fly kites at the beach yesterday. It was a beautiful day! I couldn't help but feel Gods presence, their. The sky was clear and the brightest blue. The sand was soft and cool. I needed to be reminded of the awesome power of our God. His beautiful creation is always so uplifting to me.
We did fly kites a little but we had a lot more fun jumping in the sand dunes.
Here is Josh taking a leap.Like father like son!
Stephen looks like he is gliding through the air sideways.

I even made a WeAk attempt. It was a little scary. LOL

If you look closely, you can see the water in the back ground.


JUMP for my LoVe! Jump in!

Stephen's friend Brianne came with us. She played with the kids, too. We enjoyed getting to know her better.

What a sweet brother and sister.

Hogan couldn't get enough and jumped over and over.

Gates had the most fun just rolling in it.

The kids just love their uncle Stephen. Here they are all jumping together. Beck ate lots of sand on this jump.

Once again, Elisabeth the poser.

We did fly kites a little. Once we got them in the air, we decided to change locations. This is Elisabeth riding in the back of the truck, sucking down an apple juice and holding on to one of the kites that is extremely high in the air.
It was so fun to see the kids frolic around in the sand holding on to the kite string.

Elisabeth and Hogan found bunches of nails and screws. They thought they washed up from the hurricane. I think they might have been left over from a fire. Who knows. But you better watch your feet and tires next time you're at the beach.

Check out this little happy face looking at the kites.

Stephen and Josh decided that they needed the kites to go super high so they tied three strings together to make a really high one. They are such BIG kids.

The BIG kids getting the kites ready.

We had so much fun yesterday. I forget how much fun the beach can be. It is a lot more relaxing when I don't have to worry about the kids in the water.


Linda said...

Those are amazing pictures!!!! What fun Sheridan! :o) Makes me wish we lived near a beach! Such sweet babies as always!

Happy New Year!

da momma said...

dude those pics are GREAT! I miss Stephen! Tell him hello! whit

Lisa said...

I'm just dreaming of being able to do this. I love the pictures and your kids are absolutely precious...all of them. Please tell Stephen hello for me. I miss hanging out with you guys!

Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

I can totally understand the beach at christmas... I love it and I love those pics... what great memories.

J Katy Garner said...

Your such a professional! Those pics are amazing! : )

MyBestKite Guy said...

This came up on my radar due to the reference to kites. But I thought I might pop in a short comment anyway, since my wife, I and our 3 yr old boy have just been down to the beach with a kite!

Sea breeze was fresh, so fresh that the pull on the flying line was far too much for Aren to handle. But Dad had fun, flying a 2-Skewer Sled kite up at 30-40 meters, while the little tyke watched. Beaches, kids and kites do go together very well, particularly since sea breezes are so smooth compared to further inland.

A little further down, another older kid was flying a small delta, which was having trouble coping with the wind strength. (Christies Beach, South Australia)

Anyway... agree with the others too - your photos are great!

Angie Campbell said...

That does look like fun, and the pictures are GORGEOUS!!! I love how blue the sky is! Glad you got to enjoy the beach without being scared about the swimming too!

Lisa Hanna said...

What beautiful pictures of the beach and the kids! I wish so much we could have been with you guys, but we were where we should be. No more missing out on New Years fun, though! Also, Santa brought Jack a Texans helmet and outfit--loved your story about the Tech outfit!