Friday, December 26, 2008

More Christmas BLISS

We have been having so much fun not having school and being with family. The kids got to help papa build a fire and roast marshmellows. Here's Gates and Elisabeth watching the fire.

Santa brought the boys Aggie football helmets and uniforms. Much to Santa's dismay, one the boxes had an Aggie helmet but a Texas Tech uniform in it. He did not know it until Christmas eve when he was setting out all the goods. He thought he was going to throw up. Lucky for Santa Beck didn't seem to notice that his was different. However, his mom and dad we very bummed. Santa will be having a long talk with the manager at Academy.

Here are all the boys takinga knee.

My sweet children all ready for bed Christmas Eve.

Elisabeth has had so much fun playing with the girls. She has four girl cousins on Josh's side that are all close to her age. They have so much fun together and are so happy. Here's the happy girl laying by the fire.

The cool weather was a welcomed gift. The kids enjoyed riding their bikes in the cold. Their mommy enjoyed getting to dress them in hats, gloves, scarfs and coats. It is a rare sight in this house hold.

Here's Beck playing with his bike and all bundled up.

Hogan all bundled up!

Gates all bundled up. Can't you see why we call him Fedex sometimes.

Man I love this kid.

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Amy said...

So sweet!! Love getting them all cozy in their hats and gloves...except when you are getting them in and out of the carseat!!

Looks like fun was had by all!