Thursday, December 18, 2008

The kids Christmas Program is all over.
The program was really cute...
...but this mama is glad it is over.
I get myself way over committed and then turn into a three headed monster.
This crazy mama agreed to make all 20 costumes for the kindergarten program.
Mary, Joseph, three wiseman, three shepards, two cows, two camels, two sheep, two doves, two roosters, a donkey and two angels.
Can you say CRAZY.
Have mercy....
what was I thinking?
Here is just a quick glimpse at some of it.
(picture discriptions are under the pictures)
Here is one of the camels. Lets just say camels...well they are hard.
This is the sheep. In part of the song she says "I am the sheep with curly horns..." The costume has really cute curled horns but you can't see them in the picture.

Hogan was a rooster. He was so nervous. :) Poor thing.

Never complete without the angels.

...or the shepards.

Holy Cows!

Elisabeth was also in the program. The first graders sang several songs.
Elisabeth got to play the hand bells. Very Cute!

...and certainly not least, she sang a solo.
OH my...this mama cried like a baby.
She sang "I'm Coming Back to the Heart of Worship"
As Josh would say...
...I was touched. LOL
I did video...and if I get my act together and get it down loaded, I will post it.


Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

I am sure you are so proud... what a great time and memory. I can not wait to see the video and good job on the costumes... I don't know how you do it all.

Corrie said...

Seriously girl, where do you find the time and energy?? The costumes look great! And I would have boo-hoo'd big time if I saw my little girl do a solo like that.

Linda said...

I bow down to you!!!! I swear I get 50 more white hairs every December with all I have to do and you put together 20 costumes!!! You are Mommy of the year hands down! What a sweet program and everything looks precious!!!! Congrats! And Elisabeth is a doll!

Amy said...

Oh, please, please post the video!! I would LOVE to see it! She looks beautiful in her Christmas dress!! Those costumes are GREAT! You are awesome!

Jaime said...

I can't wait to see her singing! And you did a great job on the costumes!!! You are amazing!