Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pinewood Derby

Tonight the kids got to race cars in the Awana Pinewood Derby. There were lots of cars and we had four of them. None of our cars were winners. That is really hard for Gates and Hogan to accept. Teaching children that games are about the fun and not about winning is really hard. Josh and I worked really hard on the cars and had a lot of fun designing them with the kids. We were a bit frustrated because we used a food scale at the house to weigh them and it must not have been accurate because our cars were severely under weight. ARGH... Here are the boys watching the races.

Look at those little cheeks. They are just so scrumptious to me.

Poor Gates was really sad. He wanted to win so bad.
At the end of the night the announcer called out every ones names and gave them a ribbon for participating. When Gates got his ribbon he came running back to me and said (while holding up his ribbon out in front of his face and with great excitement) "I thought I didn't win but I did!!" It cracked us all up.

Here is Beck with his car. His was "shampoo" as he calls her. You can't see it in the pictures but he did have a blue eye.

Shampoo was in the blue lane.

Hogan and his car. His had flames like fire.

His car was in the yellow lane.

Gates and his rocket car. He is in that cheesy smile faze can you tell.

His car was in the red lane.

Here is Elisabeth and her car. She picked an Aggie car. It would be us if there wasn't one Aggie something in the mix.

Her car was in the red lane.

Even though none of the cars won. It was still fun to make and race the cars.
Here is a little closer look at all the cars.
Hogan requested fire. You should have seen me trying to tape off those flames. I watched way to many car make over shows with Josh. :)


The Rocket

Gig 'em! ...and yes that is bling you see. All girls have to have a little bling.

Maybe next year we will take home a trophy. :)

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Lisa Hanna said...

That is awesome! Where was the race held? Wish our town had cool stuff like that!

Camille, Blake and Pierce said...


Lisa said...

So fun! You and Josh make a pretty good team. And I'm loving the bling on her Aggie car...very nice.

Tricia said...

How fun!!! Yall did a great job on your cars. Yall are great parents!!

Corrie said...

What fun! I'm going to have to see if we've got something like that around here for when David gets a little older. I bet that was so much fun to design and make the cars.

I love that everything of Elisabeth's has some bling on it. Sophie is just now getting into the girly-girl stuff, like perfume and lipstick (we call chapstick lipstick around here) and color-coordinating her shoes and barettes with her outfit. I LOVE IT! You've given me some great ideas on how to girly up ordinary stuff.

Angie Campbell said...

Wow! You guys were BUSY!! These look great! You will have to share your expertise knowledge with us in the fall when we do our derby with the scouts. I really admire that you guys did FOUR of them!

Amy said...

Love the bling! Looks like tons of fun!!

Shannon said...

The cars are just gorgeous! I'm sorry the food scale was off--oops. I guess Jerry can eat more than he thought (or is it the other way around?) Hmmm.

kj7 said...

Okay, did I forget to tell you I nominated you for parent of the year? You guys are truly me so we can catch up. I am going to be in Corpus after the new year and I want to get together.