Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bottoms Up

Yes, this is my son drinking the ranch dressing. Josh has taught us all. I never liked ranch until I met Josh. Mostly because I am not a salad person. But he taught me that ranch is good on other things not just salad. So.... it then became love. (Not love for Josh but love for ranch I didn't love Josh until later :)) We eat ranch on pizza, french fries, rolls (I love black eyed peas rolls and ranch)wings and many other really bad foods. My kids do it too. Beck was supposed to be using it for his chicken nuggets but his nuggets were all gone so I think he thought he would just eat ranch.

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elambeachbums said...

Yuck thath about makes me gag! I think that Harley could be the person in that picture. I love it!!