Monday, April 14, 2008

Elisabeth and her OCD

Elisabeth is my oldest child and some what of a perfectionist. She is constantly cleaning things and line up things and organizing things. Most of the time they are very practical things to do. She gets it from my mom because I am a little piggy. Anyway, today I let Elisabeth get a new notebook from Target but I told her that she had to pay me back. So when we got home I told her to get me $2.50. She brings me her piggy bank and proceeds to pull ziploc bags out of the silver dollar sized hole in the bottom. At first I was confused and did not understand why there would be ziplocs in her piggy bank. Then she told me that she organized all her money into ziploc bags. There were quarters in one, dimes in one, nickles in one, pennies in one, dollars in one and of coarse chuck e cheese tokens in one. This cracked me up. I will say it was very easy for her to count out the money she owed me.

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Darrell and Angie Campbell said...

hilarious! she and I would get along perfectly! My middle name is Elizabeth - with a z - but we have the name in common!