Wednesday, April 2, 2008

More Humor

Today on the way to school we had the following conversation:

Elisabeth (crying real tears down her face) "Mommy, I don't want ya'll to go out of town this weekend"

Me: Why not

Elisabeth: I just miss you and I don't want to stay at grandmas

Me: Why you love grandma

Elisabeth: But I want you the whole time

Hogan (from the very back in a very excited voice) Sissy don't cry granpa lets us make fires!!!

I just had to laugh. My boys are such boys. And as most people know my dad loves to build fires. He has almost caught the entire lake on fire. He makes dry ice bombs every new years. Very rarely do we go to the lake and he does not build a fire. I believe last time mom and dad kept the kids while Josh and I were out of town, Hogan and my dad did make a fire in the back yard so I am sure that is what Hogan thinks he will do again. Needless to say it did not affect Elisabeth one bit. She still wants to go with us.

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Lisa said...

That is awesome - all boy. I loved your comment on my last post...I had forgotten about that conversation! Do you remember going to Josh's bike race? Was that even what it was? I just remember it being muddy. :) I really love keeping up with you guys through your site. If you're EVER up this way, please let me know.