Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Who do you think Hogan looks like?

People always aproach me in stores and have some crazy comment to make about my children. It always baffles me because people say the stupidest stuff sometimes. Elisabeth didn't leave the house without a bow and she always wore pink glasses as a baby and people would always call her a boy. Stupid! They constantly ask me which ones are twins. Then they want to touch them to prevent them from getting "oho". For the most part I really don't care but their have been a few comments I could like without. People always have to comment on who looks like who, etc... So, the point of my post today. I am constantly hearing people say Hogan looks just like you or boy he looks just like his daddy. I really have heard both a lot ...?So what to you think. Does he look like me? or does he look like Josh?


Amy said...

Hmmmm. I'm leaning a little towards you, but it could just be the blonde hair. Something about him though looks like Josh, too. SO there you have it. I have single handedly solved it. He looks like both!!HAHA!!

I had a lady in Wal-Mart ask me one day where Case got his bright blue eyes. Mine are dark brown. Jason's are hazel. When I told the lady that Jason had hazel eyes, she said, and I QUOTE,"hmmmmm....I really don't think a brown eyed momma and a brownish/green eyed daddy can produce a blue eyed boy!" With her eyebrows raised!! THE NERVE!!! I get all worked up just thinking about it and it was 3 years ago!! I just smiled and said,"well, we are living proof that they can!" and off we went!!

Jason and I have a habit of just saying..."stupid people" because there is no other explanation for people sometimes.

There is a look alike meter online somewhere that you put in yours, Josh's and Hogan's pictures and they rate it as to who he looks most like. I'll see if I can find it for you. It might be fun to play with!!

Great idea about the new purse!! I love shopping for purses!

Caldwell Clan said...

I'm starting to wonder if hogan is adopted... JK. I think he looks like you, but it could just be the lighter hair:)

Lisa said...

I'm also thinking he looks more like you. What a sweetheart!

Haley said...

Hogan is all you. I see more of Josh in Gates and Beck.

Jenny Wims said...

Ok, even without you asking, I have always been amazed at how truly different each of your children look....especially having 4, you would think at least a couple would really favor one another. And I really don't think any of them look "just like" either of you. I mean, they certainly have some of each of your features...but each of your kids look incredibly unique. It's quite fascinating.

ntaylor said...

I have always thought Hogan looked more like you.