Thursday, April 10, 2008

Outside Fun

My kids love to play outside. Especially this time of year when it is not too hot and the mosquitos have not come out too much. Anyway, thought those of you who don't see us very often would enjoy seeing the kids. PS. Beck has had dry underwear for four days yeah!!!! and he pooped in the potty today on his own. No more diapers for the Leftwiches. I guess that means it's time for one more. lol


Lisa said...

Obviously you know this because they're your children, but they are all beautiful!

ntaylor said...

Looks like they are having fun! You will have to give me some potty training tips, we working on Hayden but it is turning out to be a long process.


Perkins said...

Beautiful pics!

I totally agree, it's time for you to have another one!