Monday, April 20, 2009


April 17 Gates turned FIVE....
I can't believe Gates is FIVE.
He is the greatest kid. (Hey if a momma can't brag on her own kid who can)
He is always the first one to say thank you when we take the kids out to eat.
He can count by twos, by fives and by tens.
He knows all his letters.
He talks slow but very maticulously.
He has a great memory just like his sister. (makes it very hard for mommy to trick)
Loves his siblings and is very protective of them.
Has the sweetest little smiling face.
Hardly ever gets into trouble.
...and is the shortest kid in his class and officially the shortest kid in our family.
Yes, BECK has passed him up.
Gates birthday party is not until Wednesday but we did take cupcakes to school on his real birthday.
Check out this happy face.
It took him five tries but he get them all out.
Oh my, how this little face melts this mommas heart.

My sweet FIVE year old.


Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

He is so cute and sweet in that pics where he is looking above his glasess... what a big boy at 5... you did not show off your cupcakes this time... what were they this time?

Corrie said...

That's so funny because I was wondering about the cupcakes too!!

He is SO CUTE! I just love little kids in glasses. They are so sweet.

Angie Campbell said...

Happy Birthday Gates! I can't believe he is five already!

da momma said...

oh he needs to be in movies all your kids do
they are absolutely beautiful! Wish we lived close so I could KNOW them

Jaime said...

His little face melts my heart too and I have never even met him. Happy 5th birthday to a precious boy!

Lisa said...

He is absoultely precious! Happy birthday to him!

Jill said...

SUCH a cutie...i just want to squish his cheeks. (guess i'm turning into an old lady-ha!)

Lisa Hanna said...

Really 5?! Hard to believe.

kj7 said...

Has to be the cutest little boy ever!! Sheridan, you do a wonderful job with all of your children. Happy Birthday Gates!