Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hoppy Easter Every Bunny!!!

Saturday night we dyed eggs like we always do the night before Easter.

I like to use the traditional Adam's food coloring. That is what I grew up using.

I love that the eggs always seem to turn out different.

Elisabeth was able to turn an egg BLACK. I was impresed. are our 2009 eggs....

Hogan made this bEAutIfUL egg. He put three crosses on it.

I thought it was quite fitting.

This was my egg! :) After seeing the kids religious eggs I wished I had gone that route.

Wouldn't be right if we didn't have an AGGIE egg!

Josh put Gates' name on an egg for him...

Gates made this egg all by himself. I LOVE it!!! The shade of green, the large cross,

the mulitple lines, the simplicity.... favorite.

Just don't tell the other kids.

Beck snuck in this picture of all the eggs. Actually not all the eggs but most of them. There are six missing but they all wouldn't fit on the dish towel. We dyed entirely too many eggs!

I love the real meaning behind Easter. The eggs and the bunnies are all great but JESUS is greater. While I agree that we should celebrate Jesus every Sunday; I do LOVE to highlight the story of Jesus on the cross during this time of year. I want my children to remember how cruel the cross was. I want them to know that he suffered there for their sins. That he hung there until he died and was then barried in a tomb. I want them to remember that on the third day when the stone was rolled away the tomb was empty and that JESUS had RISEN!

For us, Easter is much more than bunnies and eggs, it is LIFE ETERNAL. (with some bunnies and eggs and cute clothes)

Which leads to my next topic of this super long post....

I love to dress my kids in matching/coordinating clothes. I know that in a few short years I will no longer be able to do this so I am taking full advantage while they are still young. on most Sundays, they at least GO together...

....and Easter Sunday would be no different.

These little faces make me so happy.

Hogan in his Easter attire.

What do you think of his pho-hawk?

Beck showing off the watch the Easter bunny brought him.

In his Easter attire.

Pretty as a picture.

In her Easter attire.

Thus why we call him "FedEx"

Gates in his Easter attire.
He has a pho-hawk, too.

One of the sweet ladies at our church filled and planned an easter egg hunt for the kids this morning. We go to a fairly small church and all the other approximately 10 kids were out of town. So my children had all 200 eggs to themselves. We have candy out our ears.

Elisabeth hunting eggs.

Gates found an egg!

Hogan skipping up to the orange and green eggs.

I found Beck hidding behind this post getting candy from his eggs. He was finished finding eggs; he just wanted his candy already.

My precious babies all ready for Easter.

Jesus LIVES and so do we!


Perks said...

Adorable outfits!! Where did you find them? They are all precious...Gates is too much though. :)

Jill said...

they are SOOOOO cute!! i love dressing mine alike, too, but this year it just didn't work out. i figured that bright colors at least coordinated, so i did that instead.

The Robinsons said...

They look precious (as always) I put the Gates' same tie on Eli cute!

Lisa said...

These are some great photos! I love the outfits...we did this same line from CP for Ethan and Rachel. I really love coordinating outfits for church. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful Easter.

J Katy Garner said...

I love the Easter outfits they are all so gorgeous! It looks like a beautiful day ; )

Corrie said...

I'm confused... Which boy is FedEx? And why do you call him that?

Jaime said...

Your kids look precious, as usual. And the eggs...what a neat, special tradition. Do you eat them all when you are finished?
I too love coordinating outfits, but you know the plaid blazer Briggs is wearing...well, I bought it at Target last year on clearance for $6.24. What a bargain! I couldn't pass it up and of course there wasn't one in Beck's size. I was so lucky it fit him almost perfectly. YOu really take a chance when buying ahead like that.

Amy said...

So, so cute! I wish we lived closer! I think we may be sisters separated at birth! I have always thought I was "misplaced" into my family!!;) Shhhh, don't tell my mom that!

I also do the matchy, matchy thing. Kate is almost 11, and Koop is 9 and they are still entertaining their mommy with it!:)