Thursday, April 2, 2009

My First Grade Drama Queen

I was feeling really bad about the April Fools joke so I had to make up for it. (I doubt we will have any more children but one never knows the surprises God has instore for them.)

I thought I would bless you with a little DRAMA from Elisabeth.

One video is of her reciting Psalms 1. It is not her best attempt but I was pressed for time before school this morning and well, you get the picture. She got a little distracted for a bit at the end. (It is actually the second video)

The other video is of her presenting a poem entitled "The Secrets of our Garden." (the first video) Elisabeth is full of drama and can memorize all things very quickly. She cracks me up. I know God is going to use this gift of hers for something really great one day.

From my drama queen to yours........

Hope you enjoy!

PS...Please excuse the messy closet. Cleaning is not my gift. lol


Angie Campbell said...

So, I missed the pregant joke, but it was funny. Did you pull it on Josh? I love the videos of Elisabeth, and she is amazing, and so dramatic. I totally love it!

The Robinsons said...

Love her!

J Katy Garner said...

Sweet Lolly girl...

BTW, we better know before the internet if God does surprise you guys with # 5: ) I missed the joke too, someone said did you see Sheridan's blog? You created a buzz!

Hope we will get to see you guys at Easter!