Sunday, April 5, 2009

Soccer Saturday!!!

During the Spring (and Fall), every Saturday is filled with soccer games for our family. It is a love/hate kind of relationship for me. I love that the kiddos have so much fun and get tons of excercise. I hate that all our time is consumed by practices and games. This weekend we only had three but last weekend we had 5 games. We have three practices on Tuesday and three practices on Thursday. By the end of the week, I am worn out!
However, I couldn't not document this sport that is consuming us lately........
Gates' team is called the Gray Ghosts.

These little guys are hilarious. All they care about is running.

They run around watching themselves run half the time.

We constantly have to remind them to "GET THE BALL!"

Gates is so proud that he is finally old enough to play.

Beck is sad that he can not play. Do you see him him peaking at me to see if I am looking at him being sad. Yeah I'm not only lookin at you little one, I am snapping pictures of you poutting.


Elisabeth has played with several of the same girls for several seasons now. She will be so sad when they have to split up next year.
In the next picture, she was driving the ball down the feild and everyone got around her.

Yikes! This momma got a little nervous. Blocking from every angle...
But she did manage to break through......
......and score.
.....a couple of times.

I have not a soccer bone in my body but Elisabeth has some SKILZ!

Her daddy is so proud!

....and so is her mommy!

This cute face is ready to play!

Brothers. So sweet.

Hogan is doing great this year as well. He scored six goals this saturday. He had to beat his sister who scored five goals in one of her games last Saturday.

He gets in there and gets that ball away.

Here's a pic of one of his goals.

Wait! That ball isn't supposed to go out.

Pretty boy!

This week, we have a game Monday night, Thursday night and three on Saturday.........
Here we go again!


Corrie said...

Oh man -- how do you juggle all that?! Between dinner, homework, baths, etc... I get exhausted just thinking about all those practices and games.

Your kids are so CUTE! And I love the picture of Beck pouting. So sweet!

I don't have the soccer gene but Scott does. He played for years growing up and likes to watch professional soccer, to a certain degree. But we're both excited that Sophie will soon be old enough. I think they can start at 4 years old? I hope she gets the soccer gene from her Daddy...

Amy said...

Definately a love/hate relationship around here too! I love watching Kooper play sports, but we just finished a crazy basketball season of games every Saturday since February, and now we start baseball this week! It's a good thing we don't have soccer here or we'd be in BIG trouble!!

I just keep reminding myself that some day, I will be at home, super bored, longing to have my babies back!

Those kids look like they have some talent!!

Lisa Hanna said...

Yeah--and I'm tired with Callie's 3 games a week--whoever said that 5-6 year olds need to play a sport 3 times a week?!!!

Jill said...

they are all so cute, but i just LOVE the pouting pictures. scarlett always has to make sure i witness her sadness, and clark will pick himself up so that he's right at my feet before throwing himself down and having a fit.

Angie Campbell said...

These are some awesome soccer shots! I never can get great pictures of them actually playing! I haven't even had my camera this season at any of the games, so you have inspired me to take pictures! Hope you have a great Easter!

Stephen said...

Lolly looks like a natural! Miss you guys. Hope to see you soon. We need to talk about our upcoming trips!

J Katy Garner said...

Happy Easter! love ya'll