Sunday, April 26, 2009

I Brainwash my children

Ok I admit it! I totally brainwash my children. Only on things that really matter like Christianity and becoming an Aggie. So the other day Beck and I were having a little talk and I was taking full advantage. It went a little bit like this...

Beck: "Harley is my best friend"
me: "she she your girl friend?"
Beck: "no" (kind of like mommy your crazy)
me: "who is your girl friend?"
Beck: "Nobody"
me: "well when you get big you will want a girlfriend. who will be your girl friend?"
Beck: "nobody"
Me: "you need to like a strong Christian woman. ok?"
Beck: "No way, I'm scared of those!"
I guess my attempt at brain washing failed.....


Corrie said...

That's hilarious!

Way to go on the brainwashing -- we do the same thing around here. Keep it up!

da momma said...

haha!!! love it! nice littel slip in mom! And funny that he thinks he's scared of them!

Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

funny... I am scared of them too... HE HE H

The Stringers said...

We tell Seth that he'll find a Christian wife when he goes to A&M - combining the brainwashing!!