Friday, April 10, 2009

Sunday Golf

When we found out Beck was going to be a boy Josh was excited...
Because he was going to only have to pay for one wedding and he would have a foursome for golf.
He didn't count on is little girl being a golfer...and now he has a fivesome.
Sunday, we took the kiddos to the driving range. All the kids have their own little clubs and always have loads of fun. My dad was coming with us so I thought I would take a few pictures to document the FUN.
Check out these sweet little golfen faces!
This picture cracks me up. Elisabeth is hitting up the dirt. Beck is teeing up a ball. and....
Hogan is doing the "Happy Gilmore" back there in the back. I love it!!!
Elisabeth is a people pleaser. Therefore, if her daddy likes golf...
she will like golf and try really hard to be good at it.

Here she is taking tips from her grandpa. I love how she's holding her club.

Swing it, girl!

I love these faces!
Beck was more interested in his candy then smiling at his mommy's glass.

This boy already has a pretty swing!

His daddy is good at giving him just the right tips.


Look at Elisabeth's pretty pink bag. It even has her name on the side. Her daddy ordered her these. She has him wrapped around her little finger.

The tilted head. The cute little grin.
This little boy steels my heart!

Gates is teeing up with his tiny red driver.

Pawpaw showing him the best way to tee up.

He's really concentrating. Check out his little lips.

Elisabeth is the best BIG sister.
I love this picture of her helping her baby brother.

...and I really love this picture of his pawpaw giving him some help.

... ultimately he didn't want any help. This BIG three year old can do all things "by my self!"

He didn't hit them very far...but he hit them. He sometimes would hit two at a time.
Sorry if you've already seen some of golfing pictures. I plan to make a book from our blog and thus had to document these fun times.

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The Robinsons said...

That looks like so much fun! You have such a precious family!

On your blog book--Do you plan to print it out through an online company? I'd like to, but haven't found one I'm crazy about yet. Any suggestions?