Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dinner Talk

Tonight at dinner we had the following conversations:

Elisabeth: "I know all the parts of the digestive system. First your food goes in your mouth. You use your tongue to push the food down the right pipe. Then your food goes through your esophagus into your stomach. Next it goes through your intestines and out your rectum."

Hogan: "What is your rectum?"

Elisabeth: "I can't really tell you at the dinner table. It is you know where all the yucky stuff your body doesn't need goes out."

Hogan: "(Pointing to his private front) is it this?"

Elisabeth: "NO"

Hogan: "(Pointing to his private back) is it this?"

Elisabeth: "Yes"

She must have learned all that at school. However, I can't believe that they are telling first graders about the rectum. Um gross! I had to stop the conversation. It wasn't the best dinner talk.

Beck did not want his dinner so he started telling me he was full. I know that he was not full because he had not really eaten anything. He insisted. He said: "(pointing to his stomach)this is full, (pointing to his shoulders) this is full, (pointing to his forehead) this is full, (grabbing his arms) and this is full. I all full!"

My other children are much better eaters than Beck. He is a terrible eater. I know it is just a phase but I am ready for it to be over. I hate making him go to bed with an empty stomach all the time. The rule at our house is to eat what everyone else is eating for dinner. If you do not eat your dinner, you get nothing until breakfast the next morning. It's a tough rule but it works. Just not quick enough for this stubborn kid.


Shannon said...

Speaking of kid's conversations, Allen asked me today what KY was--Hmmm..

The Robinsons said...

We are so going through that with Norah right now! Every night it seems she says, "I don't like dinner. I'm not hungry". Sometimes we can get her to at least try it if we quote the last few lines of "Green Eggs & Ham" ("You don't like it, so you say. Try it, try it, and you may. Try it and you may, I say!"), at which point she usually will try it, and proclaim, "Say, I like green eggs and ham. I do!"

When this doesn't work, we too, resort to the "No food til breakfast" rule, which has the same, mom-guilt inducing effects here.

If it's any consolation, our family doctor told us that their metabolisms are so efficient that at this age, they can survive on a tablespoon of peanut butter a day. (Not that we'd ever try it)

Amy said...

My Kenna Mae is the worst eater ever!! It is so frustrating. She eats like a bird and right now it seems like chips are the only thing she "really" eats. I'm thinking NO on the chip diet...

We have the same rule at out house. It's hard enough to cook one meal with schedules like they are with four kids, much less TWO!!

Let me know if you come up with a secret weapon!!:)

Linda said...

Girl, Little Jon is the WORST eater. Drives me bonkers. He just RECENTLY started drinking milk. He is finally getting better, but the kid will examine EVERY bite. I have to tell him to close his eyes and just eat it! LOL! It seems to work... ;o) And we have the same rule...you have to eat what we are all eating.

Although, I'm reminded daily by my mother... Kids eat to live, they don't live to eat. Doesn't make it easier!!!

Tomilyn said...

Funny conversations with kids seems to be the theme oft he day in the blogs I read!

I agree with the rule by the way. However, I am really lucky that Kaden is a great eater. He will try anything at least once. I am now knocking on wood!

sheridan said...

Hi and thanks for visiting! I read a little bit of your blog...y'all are Aggies?? Quite a few of my family when to Texas A&M. Too cool!

sheridan said...

And to be completely honest, Sheridan is an anagram of my last name. I love word puzzles so I thought it would be neat to use one for my blog name as well.