Sunday, October 19, 2008


Tonight we had family Wii night. It was lots of fun until.....Elisabeth hit a homerun. She ended up beating Hogan at baseball 5-0. Not good. They had the following conversation:

Hogan: "I am just a looser! (insert stomp, stomp, stomp off towards his room) From now on everyone call me looser!"
Josh: "Looser get in here. What's the matter with you?" (I did get on to him for calling him that. If you don't know Josh he really means no harm. Those of you who know Josh well...nuff said.)
Hogan: "I'm just a looser! Sissy always beats me!" (Which is totally not true. He is actually much better than she is at bowling.)
Elisabeth: "He is just being a B."
Me: "What does that mean?" (What in the world surely she doesn't mean what I think she means)
Elisabeth: "You know.... a baby." (I was muched relieved that she didn't say the word that rymes with itch. Then quickly told her not to say that anymore)


Linda said...

Oh the things kids say! hehe! And Josh reminds me too much of Jon... Ahhh the adventures of parenting!

Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

That is too funny... I can not wait to hear those kind of conversations where you are just praying that they are not saying something that you think they are saying just to find out they are innocent as you hoped they were.

Perks said...

Oh, I can so relate. I have had shockers the past week w/reminders from my girls that we don't say the "s" word from P or the "b" word from C. Of course I was thinking the worst. P was referring to "stupid" and C was referring to "butt". Correct...we don't say the "s" or "b" word.

Amy said...


Angie Campbell said...

That's funny! We actually went bowling with the kids last night and I was the BIG looser! I mean really big! I bowled a big fat 37 while Trace (with the bumpers) made a 100!!! He thought it was soo funny. I thought it was funny to see his ball zig zag all the way down and then shoot spares almost every time!

Jaime said...

That is funny. Today I heard Beck say "Shut up" for the first time, and I was shocked. I think he heard it on Toy Story, but when I asked him about it he really didn't know it was naughty to say. YOu have to love that innocence.

da momma said...

what a fun family!
Cant wait to see your halloween pics...I love to coordinate :)

Tricia said...

Cute story. Thanks for checking on me. I have been so busy lately. Cute spirit shirts!!! Can't wait to see the Halloween costumes.