Monday, October 27, 2008

Trunk or Treat

We dressed up the kids for Trunk or Treat at the church. They had loads of fun and got TONS of candy. Elisabeth was Hanna Montana. I totally regret letting her be that but there is no turning back now. The boys were all pirates...they were nice pirates is what I kept telling them. They still wanted to have sword fights and each other, though. Sing it GIRL!
Handsome Pirate

Silly Pirate

Cutie Pirate

He posed behind this tree so I had to take his picture.

These pictures loaded out of order so here it is out of order. The kiddies got tons of candy and these two little apples. They made me laugh for some reason.

This is the truck load of candy they got. I put a soccer ball in there so you could see the size of this HUGE basket of candy.

I am going to get rid of three fourth of it while they are sleeping. This could feed a whole country.

This is the sweetest little pirate in the whole world.

...and Beck actually let me take his picture this time. I took a lesson from my sweet friend Amy's (also known as Josh's cousins wife) blog. It must have worked because he smiled and everything.


Amy said...

I am so not kidding, your kids are the cutest!! They are all so photogenic. Did I spell that right? I've never claimed to be a good speller!!:)

THAT is alot of candy. I usually trash a handful or two every time they are napping or outside. They seem to never notice the dwindling of the candy!!

Sure do wish you lived closer, the kiddies sure would enjoy trick or treating together. They'd be a cute little crew!!

The Robinsons said...

Those pirates are TOO cute! (And you nailed each one of their descriptions!)

Our Trunk or Treat was SO hot! The kids only wore their costumes for about 5 minutes before they had to strip for fear of heat exhaustion.

Hopeing we'll have a little more luck taking pictures now that it is cool outside!

Michelle said...

What a crew! They are so cute!

Corrie said...

Very cute! And I bet when Elisabeth is older she'll regret the Hannah Montana thing even more than you do now!