Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Fall!

I love this time of year!
I love that the kids can finally play outside with out getting so hot after only five minutes.
I love the colors and the beauty.
I love cool days and pumpkin patches.
So... today I worked on getting some our fall decorations out.
It made me so happy.
I hung this on the front door. I put these on the coffee table.
I put these on the porch.
...and this on my kitchen table.
This is totally not me.
...But my kids really liked them.
So...yes... I hung pumpkins and ghosts from the trees.
I felt silly while I was out there doing it.
Our street is really busy and lots of cars drove by while we were out there.
I knew they were all making fun of me, the crazy mom with five (we had Harley over) kids, hanging pumpkins in the tree.
Oh well, it is over and the kids thought it was aWesoMe!
It was such a good day! (well, afternoon)

Last week, Elisabeth had a little program during chapel at school.

She played one of the bells.

It was very cool.

Some of the kids played a bell and some of them sang in the choir.

Here she is nervously ready for turn to play.

Her teacher also teaches music.
She is the lady with the red hair and her back turned to us in the left side of the picture.
The kids down low are the singers.
I was so impressed at how good they were.
She looks so grown up.

Happy Friday everyone!

Have a blessed weekend!


Perks said...

I, too, busted out the fall decor (pumpkin stuff) this week and my kids LOVE it. Phoebe was just walking around the living room like she was in a autumn wonderland. I really don't have much at all. C got in the car after school and P said to her, "you are NOT going to believe what's at our house!!!" It's inspired me to be more festive around the house. :)

Jill said...

love the decorations! i, too, have ghosts in our tree, but i kind of like them. maybe it's the former teacher in me...sometimes i think i get as excited about scarlett about holidays~

Corrie said...

That wreath in the first picture is the exact same one I blogged about! Too funny! I like fall decorations too -- and I think yours look great. My husband loves Halloween -- he actually goes berserk over it. Don't believe me? We have a 6 ft. mummy standing guard at our house. Crazy, no? Your pictures have inspired me -- I think I smell a blog entry coming on...

Angie Campbell said...

We decorated as well!!! We were so proud of our Halloween decorations that we got out on Friday night, then we took dinner to Brad and Jenny on Monday night and they were decorating for Christmas!! It was so funny, but they had to do it so early because they were going to be gone! Anyways, this is my favorite time of year! Halloween and then Christmas!!!!! LOVE IT!!!

Lisa said...

Love the decor! You've been a busy girl. I tagged you for a super easy post if you're interested...

Tricia said...

Cute decorations!!!

Amy said...

LOVE, LOVE the decor!! I finally got around to doing my porch this week! It is one of my favorite things to do in the world. My husband is really struggling to understand the obsession I have with pumpkins, and mums, and just about everything else involving the colors orange, brown, red, and yellow!! I can't help it!! It makes me happy! Now, if only the weather would cool off a bit so my pumpkins don't melt in the heat!!;)

Happy fall!

Linda said...

Happy Fall! I love love love this time of year, it is my favorite! I always go the day after Halloween and stock up on the 50% off goodies and then the next year its like Christmas when I go to get my stuff out! :o) I especially love seeing the happiness in my children's eyes...

Big hugs!

Jaime said...

I don't have many halloween decorations, so I decided to make a few this year. I put them out in Sept because I figured if I was going to the trouble to make something I wanted it to be worth my while and enjoy for some time. My kids love them and Briggs still goes and points to some of the ghosts I have hanging. I don't have anything outside yet. I think we are going to paint some pumpkins soon for the porch...I love your mums. I want some of those!

Tomilyn said...

Love the decor. I think it's great that you dod the tree decor with the kids. I am sure they will remember that afternoon for quite some time. I have very little Halloween decorations, but I plan on buying some this year after it is over. That way I have more for next year! By the way, I LOVE this time of year as well!