Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Funny Story

I had loaded the kids up in Josh's truck to go out. Gates and Beck were in the back. Gates was trying to help Beck buckle his car seat. Beck was fussing because he didn't want Gates' help. He wanted to do it all by himself. Hogan was going to ride in the middle in the front, but was turned around on his knees coaching Gates as to how to get the car seat buckled. It was kind of crazy with all three of them talking at once and then Beck crying...so I asked Hogan to turn around and mind his own business. Hogan promptly said "Yes mam, but I don't have a business. Isn't that a job?" I cracked up laughing. Hogan thought it was great that whatever he had said made me laugh and he laughed too. He still doesn't get what I meant.


Jaime said...

Kids say the cutest things...I love those moments.

Tricia said...

LOL! That is great! I just started laughing and now Sam wants to know why I am laughing. I told him that he wouldn't understand. Poor kid! Great story!